November 29, 2012 — 12:50

Slovenščina 2.0: empirical, applied and interdisciplinary research is an online linguistic journal, established with the intention of filling the gap between theoretical and interdiscplinary research of the Slovene language, especially research involving language technologies. This gap is also found if research of Slovene is compared, connected or applied to other languages.

Recently a considerable gap has appeared in publishing findings of Slovenian linguistic research that combines empirical and interdisciplinary approaches (especially the ones including language technologies), and carries an applied value. Exciting developments in the fields of language digitalization (digital humanities in particular), large electronic language resources, modern tehnologies and their use in research have led to new theories of all aspects of language. The evidence of this is a new generation of linguists conducting empirically-based studies of the Slovene language, also in relation to other languages. However, until now such studies have not had a space of its own where they would be presented and argued, and consequently many empirical studies of Slovene were overlooked, even though their methods that use language technologies could be applicable to other languages. We are convinced that empirical approach, interdisciplinarity and applied research are following the world trends in modern language research, and will continue to evolve.

The  journal Slovenščina 2.0: empirical, applied and interdisciplinary research, which is methologically grounded in processable language resources, is open to publishing foreign research that brings findings relevant for Slovene. We see this as a good way to promote new theories and methods in the Slovene research area, and to offer scientific community the opportunity to respond, critically evaluate, and improve them.